19 03, 2020

Missing your gym? Free home workouts to get you moving

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Studies show that physical exercise has a positive impact on anxiety. It times of uncertainty, it is important to keep moving. Your mind and body will thank you. Here is a list of free home workouts to get you through the weeks ahead:


Fitness Blender• Hundreds of workouts and the ability to …

11 07, 2016


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Can’t make it to the gym? This core circuit requires minimal equipment to get your heart pumping and abs burning at home.


  • 5 lb weights
  • stability exercise ball


  • WARM-UP – 5-10 minute jog around the block OR alternate between jumping jacks, high knees and boxer shuffles for 30 seconds each for 6 minutes.
  • BALL PASS (arms to …
25 08, 2015

WORKOUT • Bodyweight Cardio Circuit

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Lace up your shoes and get your body moving with a quick cardio circuit. LEVL Weight Loss expert Liz Josefsberg believes you can get a good workout anywhere, anytime without a gym or equipment. One of Liz’s favorite ways to challenge clients is this bodyweight circuit.

Complete the circuit 3 times finishing each round with a …