Studies show that physical exercise has a positive impact on anxiety. It times of uncertainty, it is important to keep moving. Your mind and body will thank you. Here is a list of free home workouts to get you through the weeks ahead:


Fitness Blender• Hundreds of workouts and the ability to filter options based on time, equipment and difficulty

Crossfit at home• Workouts and recipes


Cole Chance Yoga• Varying length and styles of classes

lululemon• From Vinyasa to Power to Yoga for Runners


Blogilates• Many class options, challenges and even a 14-day Quarantine workout plan

Isa Welly Pilates• Dynamic and challenging classes will help you feel grounded and centered.


LEVL Core Circuit • Minimal equipment needed to get your heart pumping and abs burning.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our health. Try something new from the list above, eat well and get plenty of rest.