You work out. You adjust your diet. Why wait to find out what works best for you?

The LEVLhome device is an FDA Class I medical device designed to deliver personalized fat metabolism insights at home. With this information, you will learn if your nutrition and fitness choices work for your body.

It often takes weeks or months for weight loss feedback on the scale. The LEVLhome device’s insights let you know when you’re heading in the right direction. All it takes is one simple breath.

Now, you can feel empowered to take control of your health with real information that leads to real success on your wellness journey.

• The LEVLhome device non-invasively measures ketone bodies in exhaled breath.

• With a simple breath, you can calculate, monitor and track your fat metabolism or level of ketosis.

• Up to 2 users can take unlimited measurements from the comfort of home.

• Works with any weight loss program.

• Reduces time spent on nutrition and fitness plans that are not working for you.

• Seamlessly syncs to the optional iOS or Android app via Bluetooth for additional insights.

• The LEVLhome monthly subscription ensures device accuracy with monthly delivery of sensor refills and calibration gas.

PAY $99 NOW and $99/MONTH