The LEVLpro device provides wellness professionals with valuable and individualized metabolic insights that will enhance their services to improve client outcomes.

Because every body is unique, the effects of nutrition and exercise cannot be precisely predicted. The LEVLpro device provides a personalized calculation of an individual’s state of ketosis. With this information, you will be able to quickly and accurately make decisions about your client’s nutrition and fitness plan. All it takes is one simple breath.

When measuring only weight and body mass, a client can lose weeks trying to determine what is working. LEVLpro readings taken daily, or multiple times a week, allow immediate changes and alterations that may speed up lifestyle changes and keep clients motivated. This altered feedback can change weight loss from months to weeks.

Now, you can feel empowered to help take control of your clients’ health with real information that leads to real successes on their wellness journey.

• The LEVLpro device non-invasively measures ketone bodies in exhaled breath.

• With a simple breath, you can calculate, monitor and track your clients’ fat metabolism or level of ketosis.

• Unlimited clients and measurements can be tracked on the LEVLpro Dashboard.

• Works with any weight loss program.

• Reduces time spent on nutrition and fitness plans that are not working for your clients.

• Seamlessly syncs to the optional iOS or Android app via Bluetooth for additional insights.

• The LEVLpro monthly subscription ensures device accuracy with monthly delivery of sensor refills and calibration gas. The subscription also includes 100 disposable mouthpieces and access to client tracking on the LEVLpro Dashboard.


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$199 NOW and $199/MO


LEVL’s breath technology is truly ground-breaking.  Our health and wellness professionals strongly believe LEVL, along with a proper fitness and nutrition commitment, will help our members reach their  fitness and fat loss goals faster than ever before.

Chuck Nelson, President, Washington Athletic Club

The beauty of LEVL is that every reading is good news, because I’m helping them figure out their own personal physiology, and we are able to make changes to their health and wellness plans immediately to help them achieve their fat loss goals.


PJ Glassey, Owner, X Gym


*Pay $199 at time of purchase plus $199/month interest free for 12-months. At the end of the contract term, total monthly payments will be $149/month for the LEVL maintenance subscription.