What is the LEVL device?

LEVL is a FDA Class I medical device that detects the concentration of a molecule (acetone) in exhaled breath. Clinical research demonstrates a correlation between the amount of acetone (measured in parts per million) detected in the breath and body fat burned, giving you a reliable indicator of ketosis (your body’s fat burning state).

Which LEVL device is for me – LEVLhome or LEVLpro?

The LEVLhome device is designed for two users in a home environment. If you’re working with a wellness professional who has a LEVLpro device, your personalized insights can be shared for enhanced coaching.

The LEVLpro device is for wellness professionals. With the LEVLpro dashboard, wellness professionals are able to track clients’ data whether using the device at their facility or with the client’s personal device.

Why should I monitor my state of fat burning?

The goal for a healthy lifestyle should be focused on fat loss vs. weight loss. A benefit of monitoring and working toward an ideal body fat percentage is that it can help reduce body weight, reduce obesity-related health complications, and increase wellness. Body fat percentage can be calculated using multiple techniques, including scales, calipers and body measurements.  Try our body fat calculator that uses simple body measurements to approximate your body fat percentage. 

What is PPM?

PPM is an abbreviation that means of Parts Per Million. The LEVL device is measuring PPM of acetone in exhaled breath.

What is an elevated fat burning state?

Based on scientific research, a breath measurement of 2PPM or greater indicates an elevated state of fat metabolism that should correspond to a loss of at least ½ lb. of body fat per week (based on a calorie restricted diet). Learn more from LEVL Clinical Scientist Joe Anderson, Ph.D.

How often should I take a measurement?

At least one measurement a day is recommended, and there is no limit to the number you can take in a day. The LEVL device measurements offer a snapshot of your fat metabolism over the last 24 hours. The more measurements you take, the more you know about the effects of your wellness choices.

Should I take a measurement during or immediately after exercise?

A LEVL device measurement gives a snapshot of the last 24 hours so measurements will not change drastically during exercise. Our scientific data does show that when the body is using fat as its primary fuel source (vs. carbs) during exercise, the LEVL device measurement may drop immediately after intense exercise.

Do I need to follow a certain weight loss program?

The LEVL device works with ANY weight loss or exercise program and helps you find the right plan for you. Typically, when you start a diet program, you check your weight and fat mass once a week. If something isn’t working, it takes a week or two to show that feedback on the scale. The LEVL device may reduce the time delay in feedback from weeks to days allowing you to understand what works for you.

How can I change my LEVL?

Fat loss is not just about food intake and exercise, but is supported significantly by addressing other health pillars such as hydration, sleep and even stress. Below are some tips to maximize your measurements:

  • Cut added sugars and artificial sweeteners from your diet
  • Eat healthy fats to lose fat
  • Watch your portions
  • Add vegetables to every meal
  • Increase exercise duration and/or intensity
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Stay hydrated

How long does it take my LEVL to change?

When your body increases the amount of fat it uses for energy relative to the amount of carbohydrates, your breath acetone concentration ramps up. This increase happens over the course of 3-7 days, until you reach an elevated level of breath acetone. Use the LEVL device to monitor how diet and exercise are impacting acetone in your body so you can be sure you’re burning the maximum amount of fat. If your diet becomes high in calories or high in carbohydrates, your body will become less dependent on fat for energy. This will result in an acetone concentration reduction over the course of 1-2 days.

How do you take a measurement on the LEVL device?

With the press of a button and a quick breath, LEVL will calculate your fat burning state. Simply breathe into the breath pod, place the pod into the testing port, and close the lid. After 15 seconds of testing, the front of the LEVL device will display your LEVL score while seamlessly syncing additional insights to the optional LEVL iOS app via Bluetooth.

What data is available in the app?

The LEVL iOS app displays breath acetone concentrations (in PPM) and projected fat k/cals and fat pounds burned per day. This individualized predictive and historical fat loss data provides you with deep insights into your metabolism that are usually only available in a clinical setting. Now you have information in real-time to guide you to future success in your fat loss goals.